Is it Sunday already? Wow – that means it is time for another Indie-Licious Blog Hop teaser. This is going to be my last one for a while…if you want more you will just have to read the book! =) I am going to switch back over to Naminé again. Here is my final teaser […]

Happy Indie-Licious Sunday! We’re going back to Nari this week, staying in Sweet Oblivion (The Sweet Series, Novel #1).              As I slowly and very carefully walked through the hallway, my heart betrayed my front of bravery, as I grew more and more worried with each advancing step. My eyes […]

Welcome back to the Indie-Licious Blog Hop! I will continue with the posts from Sweet Oblivion, the first novel in The Sweet Series. This week you will get another glimpse of what Naminé had to struggle with. Enjoy! ~Naminé~          As boisterous thunder rumbled throughout the land and a torrent of rain […]

Want to know his secrets? Find out now: Kindle Nook iBooks Sweet Oblivion by Bailey Ardisone

Welcome to this week’s Indie-Licious Blog Hop! From now on (well, for the time being), I am going to be using teasers from Sweet Oblivion, the first novel in The Sweet Series. Enjoy! Sweet Oblivion (Book #1) As I walk out of the store, I stop in my tracks upon seeing this lone figure leaning […]

I have something special for you today!!! Check it out! Wolf Spell Bloopers!With the tour for Wolf Spell getting ready to kick off, I thought we (Ian, Es, Jarak and myself) could let you in on some of the fun and not so fun moments writing Wolf Spell. We had a lot of outtakes, bloopers […]

Hello fellow readers… It’s been a hectic week My in-laws are in town visiting, along with my 4 year old niece, what a cutie! She went on her first plane ride to come visit us in Florida and is so excited! As soon as she got in the car when I picked them up she […]

Are you a blogger? Do you love books? Well then this post is for you! Sweet Oblivion will be on tour! If you’d like to participate in any way, please visit Juniper Grove Solutions and sign up! We’d be so happy and appreciative to have you join us. Thank you! See you April 1st – […]

My first Indie-Licious Blog Hop post!This is a teaser from Sweet Escape, the second novel in The Sweet Series.          “Yo! Nari! Earth to Nari!” Zaylie’s high pitched Australian accent combined with a knock on my head snapped me out of my daydreaming. Whether I am awake, or asleep, I am assaulted […]

Guess what?!?!  I am excited for several reasons: 1. It’s Friday2. It’s March 1st3. We have a new blog4. And just because! To celebrate this grand day, we have made Sweet Oblivion FREE for the time being!! Yes, that’s right. Absolutely free. Why? I have no idea. Like I said, JUST BECAUSE! So go pick […]