In-Laws Visiting!

Hello fellow readers…

It’s been a hectic week :-) My in-laws are in town visiting, along with my 4 year old niece, what a cutie!
She went on her first plane ride to come visit us in Florida and is so excited! As soon as she got in the car when I picked them up she says, “Where’s the beach? I don’t see any sand.” Lol!

Hopefully we will get to the beach while they are here so she can play in the sand!

Sadly, I have to take a little time off from writing Sweet Escape while they are here, but I will pick right back up when they leave. My sister and I are about half-way through and very excited so far!

I also have a ton of ‘to-read’ books on my list, which I am very ecstatic about, so I have lots to do after they leave, but plan on enjoying the time with them while they are here.

Have a great Thursday everyone, it’s almost the weekend! 


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