Sweet Requiem Release – Crisis Endured and Ended!

Finally, Sweet Requiem (Sweet Series #3) is OFFICIALLY live and out into the world! Yesterday was a day of non-averted crisis one after the other – but I am happy to say that this new day has brought with it a happy ending! :)

So, if you’re wondering what happened, let me explain. When Amazon published what I first submitted to them for Sweet Requiem, they for some odd and TERRIBLE reason, linked the files with an old, UNPUBLISHED product page that belonged to Sweet Oblivion instead of creating a new product page for Sweet Requiem.

What does this mean?

It means that while the book itself DID in fact contain Sweet Requiem, the product page on Amazon.com was LINKED to Sweet Oblivion – as if Sweet Requiem was a SECOND edition of Sweet Oblivion. It contained all of Sweet Oblivion’s reviews, details, and was showing up as if it was a part of Sweet Oblivion, instead of a separate book. I couldn’t have this, because Sweet Requiem needed to have its own reviews and Amazon ranking, in addition to the wrong cover image shown on the product page. Of course, when you looked inside of the book using the preview Amazon gives you, you could then see the correct cover photo within – but on the OUTSIDE, it was terribly wrong.

Anyway, after re-publishing Sweet Requiem using the same ASIN (Amazon’s unique ID for each published book) and it STILL not getting fixed, I called, emailed, and chatted with customer service, begging for them to rectify the issue immediately. Unfortunately, they couldn’t. The team that handles publishing cannot be reached by phone. My emails to them would take a few days for them to be seen and another few days for the issues to be resolved.

Therefore, I was forced to unpublish what you had seen and possibly bought yesterday. What does this mean for you if you bought the now unpublished version of Sweet Requiem? It means that you will no longer receive updates of this product or write a review if you read the book. It is now officially dead. In fact, you should delete it off your Kindle.

GOOD NEWS though – PLEASE send me a photo of your purchase, whether it’s the email you received, or an actual screen shot that shows the old, unpublished Sweet Oblivion cover image sitting in your Kindle. Anything that shows the ASIN for that specific book will be proof that you were one of the 11 people to have purchased the dead version.

BY DOING THIS – I will then gift you the correct, NEW, and official version of Sweet Requiem that is now available on Amazon, where you can happily leave your review on and continue to get updates for it should there be any.

Again, there were 11 people who purchased the strange/messed up version of Sweet Requiem yesterday, and I am looking for EACH and EVERY one of you so I can rectify this. So far I have only found two of you. So please, please let me know if you’re out there and need the new book on your Kindle so that you can be an official/verified owner!

Thank you so much, everyone, for your continued patience, love, and support. It means everything to me, and I cannot thank you enough.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!

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As for iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and all other ebook retailers, hang in there! Soon to come!

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