So, I posted about my paperback/review exchange at 2:30am before I passed out for the night, and by the time I checked the next morning, all 23 paperbacks were taken, and then some. Which led to this happening after running to the store to get packaging supplies: It might not seem like it’d take that […]

I have 23 paperbacks sitting around my house. I’m giving them away for FREE ┬áto anyone willing to leave a review. That’s right – completely free. All I need from you is a review. Here’s how it’ll work: 1. Fill out this form. 2. I mail you the paperback(s). 3. You read it/them. 4. You […]

Hey, awesome readers! Just checking in since it’s been a while! Thank you so incredibly much to each and every one of you who have given my books a chance by reading them. I truly cannot express how much it means to me to have your continued support. In case you weren’t aware, my plan […]