I need your help. Each and every one of you. And I realize that people are incredibly busy with their own lives, so if you take the time to help me, I want to give back to you. I want to show just how much I appreciate it. Therefore, help me share and spread the cover for Sweet Redemption (Sweet Series #4) and you could win a KINDLE PAPERWHITE!

Sweet Redemption is the final book in my Sweet Series. You can get the first book, Sweet Oblivion, completely FREE at all retailers.
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Here are the Rules:

1. On September 1st:

  • Post on your blog the materials you will have received from me by email the day(s) before if you had signed up to do so previously. – This gives you ANOTHER ENTRY INTO THE DRAWING
  • On Facebook, share MY blog post on that day if you do not have a blog (follow me on Twitter or Facebook or check back here to get it), or share another blogger’s post containing Sweet Redemption’s cover - This gives you ANOTHER ENTRY INTO THE DRAWING
  • Tweet MY blog post link or another blogger’s post link containing Sweet Redemption’s cover - This gives you ANOTHER ENTRY INTO THE DRAWING

2. After completing Step #1 above, copy the LINKS/URLS to your shares (i.e. your blog post link, your tweet link, your Facebook link – if you don’t know how to get the URL from your Facebook share, Google it. :) ) and paste them into the entry boxes provided by the Rafflecopter link I included in your email with the Sweet Redemption materials OR use the Rafflecopter link at the BOTTOM OF THIS POST.

3. Please understand that the MORE TIMES YOU SHARE the MORE ENTRIES YOU GET toward winning the Kindle Paperwhite. HOWEVER when a name is drawn for the giveaway, I will be checking each and every link that is submitted by that “winner.” If I find any fake links, reused/duplicate links, that name will be disqualified and I will pick a NEW NAME. So do not cheat, please. It will only help you not win in the end.

4. This giveaway is for USA, UK, Canada, Germany/Austria, and Australia residents ONLY.
- If you live outside one of these countries, I apologize for not allowing entry into the giveaway, but please, if you still wish to share the cover just to help me out, I would be greatly appreciative of it and love you forever! :)

5. Share and enter the giveaway EVERY DAY if you want to (which means more chances for you to win) up until the release of Sweet Redemption on October 24th! This giveaway will officially start on September 1st and run until midnight October 25th, 2014.

6. THANK YOU! And have fun! Remember, sharing is caring! ;) <3


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