Today, I climbed a mountain. Literally.

Today, I climbed a mountain. Well, technically it was yesterday, but that doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. :)


2016-02-13 17.45.27


It was incredible and amazing and….a complete accident. We were looking for an easy trail – the plan was just to do a bit of hiking – but instead, we ended up rock climbing allll the way up Siphon Draw Trail at the Lost Dutchman State Park (Superstition Mountains) in Mesa, Arizona.

When I got to the top and asked a stranger where we were, and she said…”Flatiron” I hadn’t felt that proud of myself in a long time! Flatiron is the part in the picture above where the arrow is pointing. I made it there!! Can you believe it?

This was my view!!



Gorgeous. And it had me thinking…

2016-02-13 14.53.56


Publishing books and being an author is much like climbing a mountain. The thought alone seems scary and difficult, but while you’re doing it, it doesn’t seem that bad at all. You enjoy it, actually. You love it. You crave more. But getting to the top can feel impossible and never-ending. You might even want to give up.

But don’t.

Because once you get there, you’ll never feel more proud of yourself and what you accomplished. And that feeling is the best in the world.

2016-02-13 14.54.08


Never give up on yours dreams – it may seem daunting, and even scary as hell, but it’s worth it. In the end, no one regrets climbing a mountain.

Except for when you have to come down….LOL

2016-02-13 15.33.51

Now that was the true scary part for me!! And there ended my analogy. I can barely move a muscle as I sit here typing this post – my legs are so sore.

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