I’m not a Writer, I’m an Author.
I realized something recently; I am not a writer. I admit it. I didn’t grow up thinking I would ever be the next big professional writer. I do not pride myself on knowing perfect writing grammar or proper sentence structure, such as where to always put the commas, and I enjoy starting a sentence with the word “And” and “But”.

No, I am not a writer. Yes, I co-published a book, but I am still not a writer.

I am a story-teller. I see stories and scenes in my head playing constantly like a movie stuck on Play. I never thought to write them down or pursue making them anything but what I considered constant daydreaming while listening to music.

But alas, my husband kept pushing me to try. I took one of my ideas and dwelled on it. It developed into what you can read today with the first novel of a series, titled Sweet Oblivion. Does it have perfect grammar? I’m not sure. That isn’t the point. I don’t want my books to be ‘perfect’ (don’t get me wrong, that’d be awesome – but nothing is perfect). I don’t want them to be stiff and proper – I want them to read like the characters are talking to you personally. I want the story to entertain you and to speak to you. To stick with you after you finish the last words. That was my goal and I hope more than anything that is what I have achieved. Please forgive me for lacking in the perfect grammar department. To me, the point of a good book is the story. Some do not agree. For that, I apologize for not fitting the bill.

No, I am not a writer. I am a story-teller. I am an Author.

Please join me and my sister (she’s the writer in the family), as we share our personal thoughts, struggles, battles, joys, and all around journey while we write our very first series. Thank you for reading!

<3 Ardisone

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