Happy Friday!

Guess what?!?! 

I am excited for several reasons:

1. It’s Friday
2. It’s March 1st
3. We have a new blog
4. And just because!

To celebrate this grand day, we have made Sweet Oblivion FREE for the time being!! Yes, that’s right. Absolutely free. Why? I have no idea. Like I said, JUST BECAUSE! So go pick it up in any ebook format you’d like!! Here are a few links to make it easier: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes

(iTunes already has it as free, but if it’s not showing as free for the others yet, it will! Please keep checking OR you can get it free off Smashwords for Kindle and Nook right now –  It’s never certain when the retailers will make the update)

Also, please keep in mind – Sweet Oblivion (ebook AND paperback) is available in ALL countries! Which means if you are viewing this from a country outside of the U.S., please search for it using your country’s Amazon page! I would include them all but there are just so many!

If you are interested in getting a paperback but want it signed, I’d be happy to arrange that! Just send me an email so we can work it out. Don’t forget, we’ll be at UtopYACon this year too and will be signing books/swag! =)

Now, for something particularly special, and what I have been most excited about sharing today is – *drum roll please*……….

Ta da!! A special excerpt from Sweet Escape!

If you like it, please let us know! We’d love to hear from you =)

Have a great Friday and start to the new month everyone!

Excerpt from Sweet Escape –

      The cold unyielding manacles cut deeply into my skin as I lay helpless on the floor, desperate to succumb to empty oblivion. From deep within my bones to the very center of my heart I would welcome anything to escape the agony and torment of what befell just hours before.
      There would be no comfort from Calen. No strength, no bond, no…nothing at all. The sense of loss was almost too much to bear. I shivered from the thought, though I could feel beads of sweat pouring down my face. Heavy sweat mixed with tears formed a puddle on the ground next to my powerless and seemingly broken body.
      I knew my face was bleeding somewhere. I could see the blood slowly dripping off my nose into the puddle of sweat and tears. I desperately wanted to shut my eyes off to the world and say a sweet goodbye; to surrender to the unknown abyss of death and be myself no more. 
      After hours of lying helpless on the cold dirt floor, I had finally stopped screaming. My throat was raw and coarse, my lips parched and cracked. I tried to scream one final time, to release the anguish that I felt, but alas, nothing came out. Tears no longer fell, the ducts being cleared out and dried up. I felt empty. Hollow. Alone. 
      Just when I felt my eternal torture would never end, the thought came true when I heard a loud banging noise and the deep dark voice of one that would haunt me forever. I lay very still, hoping he thought I to be asleep…dead…gone from this world forever. I did not care. 

<3 Ardisone

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  1. Alyssa Susanna





    Just kidding – you rock! :)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  2. Bailey Ardisone

    Hahaha! Sorry Alyssa! =D <3 you!

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