Indie-Licious Blog Hop (My Week 1)

My first Indie-Licious Blog Hop post!

This is a teaser from Sweet Escape, the second novel in The Sweet Series.    

     “Yo! Nari! Earth to Nari!” Zaylie’s high pitched Australian accent combined with a knock on my head snapped me out of my daydreaming. Whether I am awake, or asleep, I am assaulted by memories of those moments my world got flipped upside down like a burning pancake.
     “Oh, what? Sorry, I was…distracted.” I lightly shook my head and looked around. Empty. The classroom meant for our Literature class had already been cleared out.
     “Class ended five minutes ago. We’re going to be late for our next one. You okay?”
     “No. I’m not okay, Zaylie. I’m not okay.” I roughly grabbed my things and headed for the door. She followed.
     “What’s wrong? You’ve been acting so strange all week,” she grabbed me by the arm making me spin around to face her. “You can tell me. What’s going on, Nari?”
     I stared into her soft golden brown eyes and hesitated. It was tempting.
     Very tempting.
     I wanted to break down and spill every detail I kept bottled up inside of me since the day Mycah crashed into my life. But could I?

<3 Ardisone

4 Responses

  1. Krystal Wade

    Well, now I need to know more about this Mycah!

  2. Erin

    Wow, I hope we find out what happens next week. :) Welcome to the Hop, Bailey!

  3. Bethany Lopez

    Great teaser!

  4. Bailey Ardisone

    Thank you so much everyone!!! That means so much to us!! =)

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