Indie-Licious Blog Hop (My Week 2)
Welcome to this week’s Indie-Licious Blog Hop! From now on (well, for the time being), I am going to be using teasers from Sweet Oblivion, the first novel in The Sweet Series.


Sweet Oblivion (Book #1)

As I walk out of the store, I stop in my tracks upon seeing this lone figure leaning against the wall outside. He was wearing dark jeans and a dark fitted long sleeve shirt with the sleeves pushed up to his elbows, exposing his perfect lightly tanned skin. His shirt hugged his muscles just right, accentuating he was tall and slender. A shadow fell just over his face so I couldn’t quite see it and his black hair was gently layered over his eyes, but it looked like he was giving death stares to a map.
He could have been the devil or maybe an angel, I wasn’t sure. But one thing I did know is he took my breath away. Something about him screamed dangerous yet extremely alluring, leaving me completely mesmerized. My eyes fell to his neck, marked by the strangest tattoo I had ever seen. I think it was a tattoo anyway. It was really hard to tell through the shadows and distance I was standing from, but it looked to be a mixture of ink and…scars? It was small and sat right in the middle of the left side of his neck.
I quickly turn on my heel before he notices me gawking at him, feeling like a complete idiot for standing there as long as I did trying to make out his tattoo…thing. Whatever it was. Either way, I tried to catch the breath that I somehow lost just from his presence. I have no idea what was wrong with me; apparently I’ve gone crazy.


<3 Ardisone

10 Responses

  1. Bethany Lopez

    He sounds hot!

  2. Andrea Heltsley

    OMG that's a great scene. I want to meet him! Can I help him with his map?

  3. M.R. Polish

    So awesome, can't wait to read the whole book!

  4. Rebecca

    Sounds like a real hot guy…I'm going to go stare at him for a bit too…ahhh that was nice ;)

  5. Bailey Ardisone

    LOL Andrea and Rebecca, that's funny ;)

    Thanks ladies!!! <3 I loved everyone's teasers this week!!!

  6. Christie Rich

    Great descriptions :) The girl sounds like me when I was younger. The more I liked a guy, the more I avoided him, lol.

  7. Bailey Ardisone

    lol! Thanks Christie! I think I was opposite which did not help me in any way ha!

  8. Elle Chardou

    Wow. Great preview of what looks to be a very promising story. I really want to read more about the heroine and the hottie! ;-)

  9. Krystal Wade

    Turn and run! Trust your gut…hot or not…run! :-)

  10. Bailey Ardisone

    Thanks, Elle!! It's free right now through iTunes and B&N;, but have to use Smashwords for Kindle =(

    Hahahaha! You just started the chase, Krystal ;)

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