Indie-Licious Blog Hop (My Week 5)

Is it Sunday already? Wow – that means it is time for another Indie-Licious Blog Hop teaser. This is going to be my last one for a while…if you want more you will just have to read the book! =) I am going to switch back over to Naminé again. Here is my final teaser from Sweet Oblivion, A Sweet Series Novel, Book One

Thanks everyone! Don’t forget to hop over to the other fabulous blogs =) Enjoy!

Prisoner number 5287 was located deep in the dungeon. Down a long corridor, past fifty-two prison cells, all filled with ones considered an enemy of the King. They were all his own people, but he condemned them traitors. Some were actual criminals, given a trial and convicted of their crimes. But there were many who never got a trial, never got a say, not even named on the prisoner logs, and forgotten in the dark abyss of the prison.
Down the corridor, three flights of stairs, and through a warded iron gate held a small cage like cell that housed the oldest prisoner here. Prisoner number 5287.
I didn’t know his name.
I didn’t know his crime.
          But he gave me hope.

<3 Ardisone

5 Responses

  1. Danielle Blanchard

    Very interesting tease indeed. I wish I knew more but it is also brilliant because I am curious to know what happens…

    Elle C.

  2. Rebecca Rynecki

    I'm buying this book. I just…I just have to :) I have loved every single teaser that you posted on it.

  3. Andrea Heltsley

    hmm…I wonder who this mysterious prisoner is!!! Liked the teaser :)

  4. Bailey Ardisone

    YAY! Thanks Rebecca! Thank you Daniella and Andrea! I'm glad you all liked it =)

  5. Krystal Wade

    I want to know why he gave her hope. Great teaser. Sorry I'm so late to the party.

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