Pre-Order Sweet Redemption EVERYWHERE!

It’s official!! Sweet Redemption (Sweet Series #4) is now up for pre-order on all major retailers! That’s right – Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Kobo!

Have I mentioned that if you pre-order, you will NOT be charged until release day AND you will get the book at 50% off regular price?? But ONLY if you pre-order before October 24th! Otherwise you’ll have to pay $4.99…so make sure you’re one of the first ones to have Sweet Redemption AUTOMATICALLY download to your reading device at midnight on October 24th by pre-ordering before then!! :) How awesome is that to have books magically appear on your Kindle or whatever while you sleep?? Or if you’re a night owl like me…while you’re reading something else! hehe

Anyway, I hope you jump on this chance to get this book super cheap! Here are the links to PRE-ORDER:


Barnes & Noble




Sweet Redemption Cover Art

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