Puppy Love!…and Scabies. God, help us.

Just look at this cuteness!


If you’ve been wondering where my time has been spent this month so far, here is the answer.



My aunt got this little cutie at the end of December and I’ve been training her ever since. Her name is Pixel, born October 18th, 2015. I love her to pieces!! She is the sweetest, most cuddly little thing ever. She follows me around wherever I go and melts my heart!

But it’s been a challenge staying up through the nights, that’s for sure. I’m doing the training because I’ve housebroken dogs before and know how to train them properly, whereas my aunt has never owned a dog before. It’s rough having to take them outside in the freezing cold at 1, 2, and 3am (I get no sleep now!), but it’s worth it. Her training is going VERY well – hardly any accidents. I’m so proud of her!!

My guess is that she’ll be sleeping through the night without potty breaks in just a couple weeks. I’m very excited for that – but at the same time I’m not because she’s getting bigger and bigger with each passing week. I’m going to miss her at this size!! :(

But here’s the absolutely horrible part…

We found out yesterday that the poor little thing has SCABIES and 2 different parasites!!! D: The Vet was shocked. He said it means she must’ve come from a very bad place before us and that she is extremely lucky to have us as owners now. Our hearts BROKE into pieces. My aunt cried for her right there in the office.

And even worse, the mites transferred to me and so I’ve been extremely itchy!!!! I’m going insane. Thankfully, humans can’t actually host canine scabies, so once it’s resolved in Pixel, they’ll naturally go away for me as well within days. The scary thing, though, is I have a dog of my own who could easily catch any of these 3 parasites that Pixel has, which now means they have to be kept apart. My dog, Nilla, never liked Pixel from the start, so they haven’t had much contact to begin with (thank the stars!!!) so we’re hoping she’s been saved from harm because of that. I just have to keep a close eye on her from now on to be sure.

All I can say is, man’s best friend can sure cause a LOT of drama! lol :) But honestly, I truly do love this little puppy and I’m so grateful that we unknowingly saved her from a god-awful place. We had thought we were taking over for a family who couldn’t keep her — this is what the man had told us, that she didn’t get along with their other dog — but we’re thinking he lied and WHO KNOWS where she originally came from!! :( Sniff. But now she’s in a safe, loving home and so that’s what we’re trying to focus on. Yay! However, we’ll be investigating this guy/family where we got her from, just in case action needs to be taken.

Anyway, back to the happy!! What about you? Show me photos of your fur baby/babies! I’d love to see them :)

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