It’s a new month already…how is that possible?!

My schedule is jammed packed and couldn’t be happier about it. I’m still trying to fit in some writing, however. But in addition to that, I want to squeeze in some reading time. Got any good recommendations lately?

Here’s what I plan to read this month:




Rachel Higginson is my absolute favorite author in the whole wide world. I’m sure you knew that already! And she’s released so many books since my favorite of hers – The Star-Crossed Series. And guess what? I’ve read about two of them. TWWWOOOO. That’s it!!! I’m so ashamed! But in my defense, I’ve had a whole heck of a lot going on….okay, who am I kidding? That’s no excuse!! I’m trying to rectify this problem, as you can see.

So that’s my read for this month!! You can get it here, too: The Five Stages of Falling in Love

Enjoy! And don’t forget to tell me any books that you’re currently reading or recommend! <3

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