Best Books of 2016 and Writing Updates



Hello, 2017!!

I have some different things to cover in this post – the best books released in 2016, updates on my current writing project, and what else I have planned for the year – so please stick with me!

First, I know I said last month that my next post would be about what gifts to buy your husband for the holidays, but I couldn’t do it. I didn’t even know the answer myself! Besides mentioning the obvious PS4 Pro, Xbox One S, or the elusive NES Classic, I couldn’t think of anything else good to write a whole post about. For us, I had to think of things that’d fit within our budget, so I ended up hand-making my husband’s gifts: a twine bracelet and ceramic jar (I love “throwing” clay on the pottery wheel!), and some warm, comfy, winter clothes. Everything was simple and from the heart – and that’s what matters most, isn’t it?

What about you? What did you end up getting for your significant other? Let me know in the comments!

Along with your…



Did you gobble up all the books released last year? (I still can’t believe I’m calling 2016 LAST YEAR already!) Have any favorites?

For me (and most everyone else I know), it was such a crazy year – I moved across the country not once, but twice. I started a 3rd business and then a 4th business. I wrote a novel several times over, but kept changing things to where I’ve now decided to go back and restart again. So it basically feels like I’ve written 4 or 5 novels!! Of course, none fit enough to release. But I’m getting there. :)

Best of all, I had my first Barnes & Noble book signing event, and two of our friends from Florida moved in with us here in Colorado…just to mention a few.

It hardly left time for me to read books. Which is such a tragedy! There should always be time to read, am I right? A writer cannot write without reading. Since everyone is posting about their top books of 2016, I thought I’d do a short list of the ones I just knew I had to find time for:

  • WEEDS OF DETROIT by Misty PaquetteWeeds of Detroit
    A NOVEL, BASED ON TRUE EVENTS.  I turned seventeen less than two months ago. A week ago, I ran away from home, in the country outskirts of suburbia. Now, I’m living at a hotel in downtown Detroit. At home, you could walk to the corner store when it was dark outside and hear frogs croaking in the ditches on either side of the dirt road. At the hotel, you don’t go out at night. All you hear is squealing tires and curses shouted from broken windows. At home, we didn’t lock our front doors at night. There are three locks on my hotel room door. One in the knob, a chain, and a dead bolt. I’m not sure it’s enough to keep everyone out. At home, I’d be starting my Senior year in high school. Here, I’m learning what it takes to survive. I hope I make it to eighteen.


  • The Coach and the Secret_ebook_SMALLTHE COACH AND THE SECRET by Mary Smith
    Dear Reader – This is not your typical synopsis you normally read. In this section, you would see a short overview of the book you may want to purchase. This time I’m speaking directly to you and warning you of this book. Most of my books have a lot of romance, sex, sometimes funny, and a lot of hot hockey players. This book is different. You see, The Coach and the Secret is loosely based off a real man’s story. At first his story was so outrageous I almost didn’t believe it, but after seeing an abundance of evidence my heart broke for him and his daughter. This book has extreme adult topics, so please keep in mind while you read this that you don’t know unless you’ve been in their situation. Thank you — Mary Smith
    ***All money will be given to the family of domestic violence***


  • Beholden Cover_ebookBEHOLDEN by Lila Felix
    Bayou Bear Chronicles, Book 4 – Aspen has done the unthinkable-the unforgivable. He was the last one she wanted. And now he has to earn a place in her heart. In the final installment of The Bayou Bear Chronicles, hearts are shattered, alliances are tested, and the strength of the mating bond between Acacia and Aspen is on shaky ground.


  • CROWN OF CINDERS by Rebecca Ethington
    Imdalind Series, Book 7 - For centuries the war that has raged within magic has ripped the world apart. Fought between Crown of CindersSkȓítek and Trpaslík; killing father and son, and destroying a fragile balance between mortal and magic. For centuries everyone has been awaiting the Silnỳ, searching for the girl who was prophesized. The girl with power strong enough to defeat the evil that plagued the world, and bring the war to an end. For centuries, everyone was wrong. The Silnỳ was not what they had been told, the promises of future distorted by a sight that was tarnished. The evil was not what they had expected, not what they had been fighting against. Instead it was hidden amongst them; plotting, waiting for their time to strike. And it did. With fire and blade the hidden evil took it’s place upon a throne of blood. The evil has shown itself and now only one person can save them all. But with Sights that are no longer infallible and armies that are abandoning their king – it is no longer clear who that person is, or even if they have the courage to stand up to the evil and face their end.


These books, all released in 2016, are must-reads!! WARNING: some of these books are part of a series, so be sure to start with BOOK ONE before reading the others!


Next up…


You might’ve seen me mention a few times over the years that I’m writing a contemporary romance novel titled “Untying Knots”. This is the project that I’ve written over and over again, but can’t seem to get it exactly how I want it. So I keep trying. I realize it’s taking forever to finish and publish for you guys, but obviously, by now you know I will never publish a book that I don’t think is good enough yet.

I will, however, provide you a little snippet! It’s 2017, and my goal is to have this baby completed and released within the year. I don’t have the synopsis hammered down yet, but it’s basically about falling in love young – a love that seems to hold on to you forever – and learning to let it go.

Here’s a short excerpt to give you an idea of what the story will be like:

(Please note, this is raw, unedited material, straight from my working manuscript and subject to change. All Rights Reserved and owned by Bailey Ardisone)

I’d come to learn that the things in life that haunt you the most were what you didn’t do, not what you did. What you should’ve said, but were too afraid to let leave your lips. Those little actions that, had you taken them, would’ve changed everything. But instead, you’re left with that toxic regret that feeds on your sanity — always there in the back of your mind, wishing things were different, if only you had been braver.
My only regret in life was him.
And I was certain he’d haunt me forever.
I should’ve felt the warmth of the sun on my skin, but I didn’t. I should’ve appreciated the cool grass against my back on the hottest day this summer, but it didn’t even cross my mind. The tall, windswept brush of the field that I lay in remained ignored by my senses, though on a normal day I would’ve enjoyed it. Crickets chirped loudly, but I couldn’t hear them.
And that fly cleaning its antennae on my knee? Invisible to me.
I was numb.
Cold, and empty. A shell, waiting to crack against the pressure of wind and disintegrate back into the earth.
I had to let him go. And if I succeeded, it’d be the hardest thing I would’ve ever done.
Because Dylan was everything to me.
But I was nothing to him.


And that’s it for now! I’ll keep you updated as I progress closer to completion, and once I have a concrete release date, synopsis, and cover, I’ll make another announcement. If you have any questions, please give me a shout in the comments below, or you can email me through the contact section of this site.



Giveaways, project news, and more – 2017 is going to be great. I know it is. But most important, I’ll be doing a second Barnes & Noble book signing on February 11th! Since the first one went so well, they invited me back, and I’m more excited than ever. It’s only ONE MONTH AWAY!! *happy dance*

If you’re in the Colorado Springs area, or know of someone who is and might be interested, please keep this date in mind! I’d love to see you at the event, where we can chat about books, munch on some yummy desserts, and hopefully win some prizes!

Mark it down on your calendar:

February 11th, 10 am

Barnes & Noble
795 Citadel Drive East
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

I’m also confirmed to be an attending author at Penned Con this year, in St. Louis, MO. The dates are September 29th & 30th, so be sure to mark this down on your calendars as well! A huge lineup of amazing authors will be there signing books, and all proceeds from the event are given to a wonderful charity – Action for Autism. I hope to see you there!

I’d also like to give a special thank you to all the fabulous readers out there – I appreciate you more than I could ever explain. I’m forever humbled and grateful for the incredible support you’ve shown me, and I know 2017 is going to be a blast. Thanks again, and I’m looking forward to us meeting within the pages many more times to come.

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  1. Meredith Hillenbrand

    Hi! You’re new to me, and I obviously missed getting Sweet Escape through Instafreebie, but I was wondering if your books have described sex in them? It was hard to tell from the reviews.

  2. Bailey Ardisone

    Hi, Meredith! I’m so sorry for my late reply – I hadn’t seen your comment! Thank you so much for your interest in the Sweet Series! No, there is no descriptive sex scenes in the books. I hope that helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions. :) Thank you!!


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