It’s Monday! YAY! *insert sarcasm* Poor Mondays. They always get a bad rep because of being the first day in a business week – and who the heck looks forward to going back to work after getting only TWO DAYS in a weekend? It should definitely be three days! Or four. =) Yes, I love […]

Hello my lovely readers! Please come see me at the:Turning The Pages Book Signing And Awards! April 26th, 2014 Orlando, FL The Book Signing and Awards Ceremony will be held at:  The Florida Hotel and Conference Center 1500 Sand Lake Road, Orlando, FL 32809 Turning The Pages Book of The Year Awards Ceremony will follow […]

Finally, Sweet Requiem (Sweet Series #3) is OFFICIALLY live and out into the world! Yesterday was a day of non-averted crisis one after the other – but I am happy to say that this new day has brought with it a happy ending! So, if you’re wondering what happened, let me explain. When Amazon published […]

Hey, everyone! I have a special COVER REVEAL to share with you, and I am SO excited about it! Helen Boswell, if you didn’t know already, was my editor for Sweet Oblivion, and since then she has become a very dear friend of mine. Without further ado, I am incredibly proud and happy to present […]

Today marks the day of Sweet Oblivion’s One Year Birthday/Anniversary…whatever you’d like to call it. The point is, one year ago today, I hit publish on Amazon and Smashwords for my very first book ever. My heart was pounding so hard, my chest hurt with all sorts of fear, worry, and anxiety. By this point, […]

This isn’t a book-related post, with an awesome announcement or sad news, or any type of news, really. This is only a just-because, on the whim, feeling frisky post. A little glimpse to learn more about me, if you will. And here it is: I love dreams. I love any and all things that have […]

I’m giving back! Sweet Oblivion AND Sweet Escape are now completely FREE! This is the first time Sweet Escape (Sweet #2) has dropped in price or gone on sale in any way, and I didn’t just lower the price, I completely eliminated it! That’s right, both Sweet Oblivion and Sweet Escape are FREE!! Woohoo!! Please […]

Yeah, I have some sad news to announce. I really hate to do it, but there’s no way around it, and so I must just come right out and say it. Sweet Requiem will NOT be released this Friday. I am so, so sorry to all those who are waiting for the 3rd book in […]

Hello everyone! I’m incredibly thankful for authors, especially Indie authors, and that is the reason why I signed up for this blog hop. I am so grateful because being a fellow Indie author, they have helped me in so many ways when I first started out. An entire group welcomed me with open arms, and […]

It’s here! It’s finally here! I’ve been waiting to share this cover with you all for moonnntthhss….since before Sweet Escape was released in July, actually! AND it’s Nari’s birthday, so what better day to give it to you all?? Okay….I finally present to you….Sweet Requiem, Book #3!! I hope you all like it!

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