A magical thing happened the other – and I don’t mean elven magic Well, maybe…I wouldn’t put it past Mycah to pull something like this off! ;D Anyway… Amazon has extended the pre-order option to ALL authors. This truly is a fabulous thing, and I realize that it’s all in result of the whole battle […]

So, I posted about my paperback/review exchange at 2:30am before I passed out for the night, and by the time I checked the next morning, all 23 paperbacks were taken, and then some. Which led to this happening after running to the store to get packaging supplies: It might not seem like it’d take that […]

I have 23 paperbacks sitting around my house. I’m giving them away for FREE ┬áto anyone willing to leave a review. That’s right – completely free. All I need from you is a review. Here’s how it’ll work: 1. Fill out this form. 2. I mail you the paperback(s). 3. You read it/them. 4. You […]

Hey, awesome readers! Just checking in since it’s been a while! Thank you so incredibly much to each and every one of you who have given my books a chance by reading them. I truly cannot express how much it means to me to have your continued support. In case you weren’t aware, my plan […]

I’ve been asked frequently about a little thing us writer’s like to call Writer’s Block. Let’s face it…EVERY writer will experience writer’s block at some point in their writing career. It’s pretty much inevitable. So when author Rachel Higginson asked me to do a guest post on her Writer Wednesday feature, I absolutely had to […]

I asked Twitter: For those who are writing/interested in writing their first book – what advice from a published author would you like to read about? And I received this in response: How important are editors? And should you pay for one on your first book? You know what? That is a BRILLIANT question. And […]

You may or may not be surprised at how often I get asked, “Do you recommend an ebook formatter?” or “Who did you hire to format your ebooks?” My answer is always – “I format my own ebooks. You can too!” Now, let’s pause for a second. If you’re looking for a fancy, decorated ebook […]

Hello, all! Today is a good day because I finally feel {almost} back to normal. It’s true, the last few weeks I haven’t been feeling very well. So much so, that I could barely eat. I’d be starving – as in downright weak, lightheaded, intense hunger pains – all that. But try as I might, […]

Hello everyone!      The Spring into Book Event started this morning! Hop over to see the authors participating and read about their books.  We have a group rafflecopter in the Spring into Books Group (and on 60 blogs participating!) and each author has a thread where you can read about their featured books, follow them, and each author […]

Look what I have for you today, everyone!! I’M SO EXCITED to share this cover reveal with you!! And here’s why: I met Danielle through her reviews – she gave my books a chance and reviewed them, which I discovered through her interaction on Twitter and Facebook. I absolutely fell in LOVE with her talent […]

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